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Our pitch deck video showcases our mission, impact, and how you can join us in making a difference. Dive in and discover the power of community-driven solutions for a greener planet.

EmptyBox Global is a non-profit that specializes in providing used and free Cardboard boxes for everyone. With EmptyBox you can get a used shipping and moving boxes from any of our stations.

We aim to reduce the strain of the carboard box industry on our global resources by facilitating the ease of reuse through community reuse stations and peer to peer connections over a mobile and web application. 

We'd like to see reuse stations as ubiquitous as recycle bins, and if none are close, a quick and convenient way to let people who need boxes know you have some available for pick up. 

Our vision is a global community run organization with a diverse and dedicated staff providing a free and convenient service that is good for the users, the hosts, and the planet.

Our process is to have a centrally located reuse station paid for by donors or the host where the community can drop off or pick up used boxes to ship, move, or store. 

Where locations are not available, users may post a picture and description of the boxes they have to dispose of and users looking for boxes can connect with them to arrange pick up. Posted boxes will be displayed on a map along with the radius of how far they are willing to travel to meet the recipient.

P.S - You can use our station's website link  EmptyBox Reuse Station, to see boxes as they are available live and also drop off yours for those who might need these boxes.

We are in Phase One with indoor community reuse stations. Our prototype is built and we are looking for a host location to see how the community uses and cares for it.

The second prototype is in the works to address some enhancements for sturdiness and box opening features.

When that is placed the mobile application will be available for users to upload pictures of the stations state and make that available on a location map. 

Phase Two: The website and mobile application will include a peer to peer matching where users can post their empty boxes and people who need boxes to move, ship, or store can connect over the application online or over a mobile application.

Phase Three: We will be installing outdoor stations similar to bus stops that will include protection from the elements and a camera for automated updates.

Phase Four: The purchase and sale of reused boxes to businesses, proceeds to further the organizations efforts.

If you have an interest in hosting a reuse station, or know someone who can assist with our mission, kindly fill our contact form above and we would get back to you.

We are currently in need of people with international non-profit experience in tax, legal, and fundraising for our advisory team. We also need an outreach team to find hosts, reaching out to municipalities, local businesses, and other community areas that would make accessing the reuse station convenient.  We want people who are passionate about the environment and have a disdain for needless waste. 

**Your information will not be used for any marketing nor will it be sold. We may however contact you to learn more about your interest and how we can work together to make this vision a reality.

Lillian Taylor resides north of Seattle, Washington, and serves as the Executive Director of EmptyBox Global. She is deeply committed to sustainability and community empowerment. When reaching out, please be considerate of time zones, and feel free to text before calling to ensure availability.


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