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EmptyBox Insider – Parks Holt

Meet our board member.

Parks Holt

Parks has had a 24-year career in various roles in sales for a handful of fortune 500 companies with 10+ years in management and is currently part of the healthcare client partnership team for LivePerson delivering conversational AI-strategies at scale to improve the patient experience across all channels. He began to chase his entrepreneurial spirit in 2005 by launching a podcast to help people understand how relationships work. Other endeavors over the years where he has served the community include: Board of Directors, VP of Communications for STAND of Delaware, an Advisory Board Member for Mission Leadership Board at SJLC, a Certified Life Coach, a Motivational Speaker, Certified Business Consultant, and ordained minister in which he is currently pursuing a degree in theology on target to graduate in 2023.Born to a 25-yr Airforce Vet in Honolulu, HI, Parks made his way to the east coast at the tender age of 2 growing up just about an hour from the beaches of Delaware. Whenever he is not busy contributing to business initiatives at work, he can be found mentoring people, spending time with family, playing basketball, and traveling.

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DIY 004 – United Kingdom

Did You Know?

The United Kingdom consumes roughly 5 billion cardboard boxes per year which equate to 83 boxes per person. This figure is projected to increase in the near future which raises serious consumption and environmental concerns😰

Let’s limit our cardboard consumption and try to reuse our existing boxes as much as possible.

Tune in next Thursday for more environmental facts

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Join us next Thursday for more environmental-related facts.

Emptybox Global- happy earth day 2022

Happy Earth Day 2022

Happy Earth Day 2022

The theme for this year is Invest in Our Planet.

We need to act immediately by innovating and implementing solutions that are equitable to preserve life on Earth.

We can invest in our planet in multiple ways such as:

Planting Trees

Volunteering at Environment NGOs, such as EmptyBox.global


Let’s make every day Earth Day

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Emptybox diy 003

DIY 003 -Circular Economy

Have you heard the term “circular economy” before?

A circular economy is a systems solution framework that tackles global challenges like biodiversity loss and waste.

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EmptyBox Insider – Lillian Taylor

Meet our executive director

Lillian is a 20 years technology sales veteran with a background in finance and c-suite decision analytics, currently working for IBM representing the Watson and AI Brands. After seeing the utter waste-collecting during the pandemic from direct shipments and helping a friend move after moving herself she saw a solution her entrepreneurial genes couldn’t ignore.

Knowing this problem has a global impact she reached out to her network, learned more about the environmental implications, and decided to form a nonprofit to make an impact.

Born in NY, an airforce brat, she was raised in Texas and moved to Seattle in 2011. She has three adult daughters, Amanda, Katherine, and Mya. She lives with her partner Greg, and their dogs, Augustus, Lucy, and Linus.

Fun Fact: Lillian’s mother and uncle (twins) came over from Cuba unaccompanied at age 16 during Operation Pedro Pan for which her grandparents, who were a lawyer and gift shop owners, were held by Castro’s police in 1962.

emptybox diy 002

DIY 002

Did You Know?

Food packaging is an important aspect of food items because it protects the food from biological, chemical, and physical damage while it is being transported from the production to the customer. Furthermore, food packaging accounts for roughly 60% of cardboard usage.

If you have found yourself having tons of cardboard food packaging lying around your house, please try to recycle/upcycle them as much as possible.

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DIY 001

Did You Know?

The cardboard boxes you have lying around were first commercially produced in 1817 in England by Sir Malcolm Thornill

Join us next Thursday for more environmental related facts.

Global Recycling Day

Global Recycling Day

Global Recycling Day was established in 2018 to raise awareness of the necessity of recycling
in conserving our valuable natural resources and ensuring the planet’s future. It is a day for the
entire world to unite and prioritize the planet. Global Recycling Day has two primary goals:

  1. To persuade world leaders that recycling is far too essential to be treated as a national
    issue and that a coordinated, global approach to recycling is urgently required.
  2. To invoke thought among individuals to think resource and not waste, when it comes to
    the commodities they come into contact with – until this happens, we won’t be able to
    give recycled goods the genuine value and repurposing they deserve.

Here’s where EmptyBox enters the loop. Our mission is to promote the reuse of cardboard
packaging in a circular fashion. Cardboard is a biodegradable substance that degrades more
quickly than plastics, resulting in a low environmental effect. However, if cardboard is not
properly recycled, it emits methane, which contributes to the current greenhouse gas problem; it
is clear that cardboard producers are under pressure, especially during the current rush of
So recycling is an option right? While a single cardboard box can be recycled up to 7 times, the
process involves a tremendous amount of resources in transportation, water to turn it back into
pulp, the manufacturing process, and transporting to distributors. For many years the US
shipped large bales of OCC (old corrugated cardboard) to China, in 2017 they stopped
accepting those bales and more cardboard has been going into landfills. However, a box can
be used and reused for years. EmptyBox’a mission is to promote reuse through community
reuse stations and a peer to peer messaging application which is all in the works!
Therefore for Global Recycling Day, we encourage you to reuse your cardboard boxes as much
as possible if not donate them!

recycle page of emptybox global

Why not just recycle?

Recycling is a great alternative to a landfill and a single cardboard box can be recycled up to seven times. However, there’s a problem. Prior to 2017, the US’s largest buyer of OCC (old corrugated cardboard) bales was China as they lack natural resources for virgin fiber (from farmed trees). Due to increasing contaminants (trash, mold, etc.) the Chinese government stopped allowing the import of US bales. The price dropped and so did the market. Bales are now stacking up and going directly into landfills.  

So you’re paying to recycle, but they are not likely getting recycled. If they are, there are transportation costs and intensive use of resources, such as water, to turn those boxes back into pulp to be used again. Not to mention the manufacturing process and distribution back to manufacturers.

That’s why it’s EmptyBox’s mission to facilitate the reuse rather than recycle of cardboard boxes by installing community reuse stations and a peer to peer connection platform to connect those that need boxes with those that need to dispose of boxes.